Nightingale Breakfast Club is a vibrant club with lots of fun activities for children to explore and share with their friends. Children enjoy a warm welcome in the familiar surroundings of their school.

They enjoy a variety of cooked and cold breakfast choices daily. Fresh fruit is on offer daily with a wide range to choose from throughout the week. All meals are freshly prepared and children are supported to develop independence skills as they serve and prepare their breakfast themselves from the choice available.


Children at Nightingale enjoy the breakfast club in the familiar surroundings of their school. There are also lots of fun activities for them to explore with friends.

A variety of freshly prepared cooked and cold breakfasts are offered daily along with fresh fruit. Children prepare and serve the meals and this helps develop their independence skills.

The menu is posted on the board and parents can help their children with the choices. Children are able to enjoy art activities and role play opportunities along with reading and games and staff are always ready to join in.

Our staff are also on hand to assist with homework and to read to the children. Maximum numbers for the Nightingale Breakfast club are 33 each morning so be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

The children can play in the playground with their friends before school. Nursery to Year 6 children arrive with their teachers clean and tidy and ready for the day. Children in Year 4 to 6 go into the playground at 8:45am to play with friends then under the watchful eye of our staff join their class lines.